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May 22, 2009

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 is Miraculous!

R three Lotion and R three Vitamin C Collagen Serum contain Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 at a 15% concentration level! Due to its high cost, this ingredient at such a high percentage is not usually seen. These peptides actually stimulate our collagen cells. We need to stimulate collagen because as we age this production slows dramatically.

April 15, 2009

What Can Daily Use of R three Vitamin C Collagen Serum Do for You?

  • Inhibit UV aging and damage to the skin
  • Reverse photo damage effects to the skin
  • Infuse skin tissue with moisture
  • Tighten and firm tissue
  • Stimulate the production of collagen and help skin remain plump without formation of fine lines
  • Provide astringent action for excess oils on the skin, and tightenthe pores
  • Lighten the skin and balance skin tone
  • Provide antibacterial and antiseptic properties
  • Soften and inhibit fine lines and increasing cell renewal and growth

March 20, 2009

Vitamin C Prevents Sun Damage to Skin

We receive sun damage to our skin cells every time the UV rays make contact with our skin. Twenty percent Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) aids in preventing sun damage to the skin by destroying the free radicals that attack our skin cells when exposed to the UV rays. Federmal's R three Vitamin C Collagen Serum has the concentration of Vitamin C you need.

March 05, 2009

Live Longer with a Healthy Liver!

Make sure our livers are healthy! Every form of medicine we take, such as aspirin, Tylenol or other heavy duty ones are processed in our liver. When our liver gets congested (and it will) our other organs will not work as effectively either. The skin organ will become lethargic and congested and begin to look older, become acneic, dry or oily and may even develop dermatitis conditions.

October 03, 2008

Taking time to de-stress every day!

How do you de-stress daily? Please let us know your favorite ways to de-stress during the day. We all produce a hormone called cortisol which helps us in our daily activities. If we need this hormone 24/7 we run the risk of exhausting our adrenal glands that are called on to consistently produce it. By consistently producing high levels of cortisol we also run the risk of getting sick. With the economy slowing down, people are working harder than ever to support themselves and their families, thus our cortisol levels and stress levels are dangerously high.

It's extremely important for our health (physical and emotional) that we take time during the day to de-stress and lower that cortisol level. Believe it or not, just a few minutes a day of lowering the cortisol output will protect us, as it gives our bodies a chance to return to normal homeostasis.

One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to take a time out and pet my dog, brush her teeth and her fur , clean her ears and talk to her about what may be on my mind. Ten minutes later I feel like a new person and my dog feels great too!

What is your favorite way to de-stress?

February 20, 2008

Clinical Studies of Key Ingredients in R three Lotion

Federmal uses the most current and the highest concentration levels of peptides to reduce your present lines and wrinkles, as well as moisturize and prevent development of future lines and wrinkles. We believe that the concentration levels of the peptides that we use in our products is higher than that used by most companies. Our competitors do not use these higher concentrations of peptides in order to keep their costs down and profits high. We believe (and the studies show) that the use of our products with the high concentration levels of peptides will show cumulative effects of improved skin tone, hydration, elasticity, and protection and prevention of advanced aging of the skin.

In our R three Lotion we use Acetyl Octapeptide at a 15% concentration, to relax facial muscles and lines, thereby toning, tightening, and preventing future development of lines and wrinkles. We also use a second peptide Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 at a 10% concentration level that stimulates collagen cells to help firm and moisturize the skin and prevent lines and wrinkles. Our new Vitamin C Collagen serum also contains the Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 in a 15% concentration to stimulate collagen development.

We have included informational studies on these two peptides for your review.


Clinical Test Results

February 18, 2008

Skin Care

It's not just using the right products for our skin, but taking care of our bodies as well that allows for "good skin". We must eat healthy, take extra supplements and give our bodies and minds time to relax every day. By taking 5 minutes to do a few diaphragm breaths several times during our day, we allow our bodies and minds to relax thus decreasing the cortisol levels. Once the cortisol production is decreased, our bodies and minds return to homeostasis and our health and immunities improve! Such a simple thing to do, and yet it takes practice to make it a (good) habit. So try to include 3-4 diaphragm breaths several times a day, no matter where you are. Allow your muscles to relax when you exhale (as they will try to), and enjoy the feeling of your body returning to homeostasis and that "feeling good" time. Be good to yourself, as you so deserve! Linda